Nintendo is hiring for two new positions that would be working on an upcoming Legend of Zelda project. The two listings are for a 3DCG Designer and a Level Designer, but Nintendo isn’t specifying which Zelda game these new employees would be working on.

The 3DCG designer will be brought on to do 3D topography work, constructing environments and dungeons, and the candidate should have a background in action games. Meanwhile, the Level Designer, will be responsible for designing in-game encounters, including in-game events, monsters, and fields.

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It’s hard to say what Nintendo has in store. They could very well be working on a new Legend of Zelda game for Nintendo Switch, or perhaps Breath of the Wild DLC, but we also know that Nintendo is hoping to bring the series to mobile in some capacity, although that title is likely already well into development. We’ll just have to sit tight and wait and see. Perhaps Nintendo will have some exciting news for us next E3?

Source: IGN