It feels like a while since I last wrote about Clash Royale's latest list of balance changes, but here we are with the game's latest updates and it's a nice little mix all in all. 

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The feedback so far from the community has been mostly positive regarding the changes, though a few folks aren't too happy about Dart Goblin getting buffed and a couple of other bits. However, it's made crystal clear as to why the changes are necessary in this Reddit post, so be sure to give that a read in a sec. 

Alright, I'll stop talking now. Here's what you're getting courtesy of Clash Royale's latest blog post:

  • Royal Ghost: Hitpoints -9%
  • Royal Hogs: Damage -6%
  • Inferno Tower: Hitpoints +3%
  • Skeleton Barrel: Death Damage +62%
  • Mega Knight: Hit Speed faster 1.8sec -> 1.7sec
  • Tombstone: Spawn Speed slower 2.9sec -> 3.1sec. When destroyed, spawned skeletons reduced 4 -> 3
  • Giant: Hitpoints -2%
  • Magic Archer: First attack slower
  • Cannon Cart: Hit Speed slower 1.2sec -> 1.3sec
  • Dart Goblin: Damage +4% (Player Choice!)

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