Not too long ago we found out that Civilization VI had its sights set on Nintendo Switch, with a release date of November 16th. However, some of you might be disappointed today as it appears there's no online multiplayer.

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Over on Eurogamer it was revealed that the Switch version isn't getting online play and can only be played with pals via LAN. For those hoping for an update or patch after release, I wouldn't take too much time worrying. There's no plan to bring multiplayer online ever.

Online play is an important factor for a good number of Civ players, that's for sure. Similar to the enjoyable experience of Overcooked 2 and the limitations of Super Mario Party, a lot of the fun comes from playing with friends. When you live in different cities or different countries, you can't exactly invite them over for a night of local co-op.

Judging by the comments on the article and on the original Reddit post it's a mixture of reactions, ranging from 'it sucks, but I'll probably still play it', to 'total deal-breaker'. Where do you stand on it? Let us know in those comments down below.