Since its modest start in the mid 90's, the online casino industry is today believed to be worth upwards of $ 500 Billion, with no slowdown in sight for this incredible rate of growth.

The popularity of online casinos is certainly no enigma, and can often be attributed to the following set of guidelines:

  • Freedom to play – There's no closing time for online casinos. Whether it's Poker, Blackjack, or online slots, you can play your favorite games whenever the moment suits you.
  • An immersive gaming experience which replicates both the atmosphere and thrill of playing in a real life casino
  • Bonus deals - complimentary joining bonuses offered by online casinos for newcomers and astute gamers.

How To Get Started

Below we will discuss the necessary steps through which you can start your own Casino site:

Find a Gaming Provider

A Gaming provider will offer the two most crucial components for your site, which are the Casino Software (the backend management systems for essential processes, like payment processing, and fraud management) and the Games themselves.

Obtain a Casino License

All digital casino operators must adhere to the regulations according to the jurisdiction within which they operate, and will be required to own a gambling license. A license will incur an annual fee, with cheaper territories such as Costa Rica costing in the region of $25,000 per year, whilst European countries such as the UK and Romania can see costs of $180,000. Deciding on the jurisdiction will need careful consideration, not just with regards to cost, but also peripheral requirements and the level of taxation.

Decide on a Payment Method

Placing bets and redeeming winnings requires a smooth and well-integrated payment system which can offer multi-currency support, integration with major e-merchants and digital currency, multiple payment methods, and a robust fraud detection system to provide security for both the players and the casino owner.

Create your website

Creating a website that is easy to navigate and engaging for the players is of course essential and should aim to provide:

  • Seamless integration between different pages and sections
  • An attractive and engaging design
  • That all salient information is provided where necessary
  • Optimal SEO to maximise on search engine results (professional consultancy may need to be required).
  • Multiple language support

How To Attract Players

Once the design of your site is finalised, you'll need to give due consideration as to how to best market your website.

Market your website

Updating your site with new games periodically, and teasing news of impending launches through content marketing across popular media sites will help you raise awareness of your brand.

Loyalty Programs & Promotions – Showing your appreciation towards loyal customers is essential for return business and there are many successful loyalty programs being utilised today for you to consider. Some examples include, Signup Bonuses, Deposit Bonuses, and VIP programs for high-value players. There is no greater sense of feeling valued than to receive extra value for your money.

Update your content

Seasonal events such as Easter and Halloween provide an excellent opportunity to update your content and ensure that it continues to remain fresh and exciting for your players.


The online casino industry is currently at its most competitive, and you'll need to keep up to date with all of the latest developments and innovations to stay ahead of the curve and maintain profitability. Also ensure that you pay special attention to potential hackers and scammers that will attempt breach your site, by investing in the latest cyber security and expertise.