Some welcome news today for those still consumed by Dragalia Lost as the latest summon showcase has now begun, and it comes with some real treats.

One of the featured adventurers this time around is Naveed, and he's described as a 'youth on a journey from a foreign land'. This guy's pretty darn strong, with a whopping 505 Strength and 2499 Might when maxed out.

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Then there's the dragon, Cerberus, who doesn't exactly look very intimidating but does come packed with a skill called Infernal Damnation, so there's that.

The wyrmprints are Cleo's Ruse and Jewels of the Sun, and they both offer some nice stat boosting abilities to give you the edge in battle.

If any of these summons result in you receiving a character that you already have, then don't worry as you'll get some lovely Eldwater instead. To check out some of the adventures, dragons, and wyrmprints in all their glory, with stats and everything, you can click right here.

The showcase is set to run up until November 14th, but it's always best to get in on these sorts of things as soon as possible. I mean, you wouldn't want to miss out on seeing a girl with cat ears inflict "infernal damnation" on her enemies, would you?

And so if you haven't already been sucked into the world of Dragalia Lost, then I'd recommend swooping on over to the App Store or Google Play, where the game is available for free.

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