Watch GLOOM | Beta Launch Stream from AsmodeeDigital on
A few weeks ago, James Gilmour took to Twitch and made his card-based family live a horrible life and then killed them all. The game he did it in is called Gloom, and tomorrow live from 5pm UK time, he's going to be doing it all over again.

This time though, it's the launch stream - Gloom is out on Wednesday, and to celebrate you can join James for an hour and a half of entertainment, whimsy, and slaughter.

We've embedded the last Gloom stream we performed for your eye-touching pleasure just back there at the top of the article as well, so you can make sure you're as up-to-date as possible with the game before tomorrow's stream kicks off.

So, to recap, Gloom live on Twitch from 5pm UK time tomorrow. This is the link you're going to need to click when the stream starts. Click it right now though and you can check out a plethora of other streams that we've created for your viewing pleasure. You are, as ever, most welcome.