We've been dinosaur co-existing across PC, console, and mobile for a little while, but now ARK: Survival Evolved is coming to Nintendo Switch and we're pretty jazzed. There's only another month to wait as it's set to launch on November 30th.

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If you're not familiar with the game, it's a sandbox survival sim filled to the brim with dinosaurs and legendary monsters. Not only do you get to encounter the beasts of history, there's also a few fantastical creatures thrown in there too. Ever wanted to ride a T-Rex or a Direwolf?

Because you'll start off each session naked in every sense of the word, you need to build up your inventory, craft clothing and armour, fashion weapons, and work on your dino-taming skills. The more you work and the more you make, the better equipped you'll be at taking on enemies. It's not all just rock hammers and bone knives, after all.

The game'll be coming to both retail and eShop for $49.99. This may surprise the mobile players out there, since it's F2P on iOS and Android, but it's a similar price to its Steam version at the very least.

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