Almost a year since its release, Shadow Fight 3 continues to shine as a perfect example of the longevity a modern mobile game can enjoy with the release of its 6th chapter "Heart of the Legion".

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As with previous episodes in the RPG fight saga, players will not only get to see the story advance but can also look forward to a host of new additions and improvements too, including the first appearance of a new category of throwing weapons, called traps.

These weapons come in 3 different varieties and offer an extra dynamic to the game's long range and close-quarter battle mechanics, allowing players to stun their opponents for several seconds from afar before charging in to unleash a barrage of devastating blows.

As well as the new weapon class, the new chapter update sees the introduction of 2 new characters to the story, 3 new unique locations, and 3 new bosses to vanquish. You'll have a few aids in dealing with the latter as well, with the addition of 12 new sets of armour and helmets.

It isn't all "out with the old, in with the new" either! The 6th chapter throws in a few nostalgic elements for the hardcore fans as well with the revival of some of the most popular weapon and armour cards from previous chapters through so-called "archive packs".

If you'd like to join the quest to restore law and order to the legion then now's the perfect time to jump in. You can find Shadow Fight 3 free to download from the App Store and Google Play.

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