With the start of Pokemon GO’s Halloween event well underway, Niantic quietly announced another new feature coming to the game quite soon. Adventure Sync is a new feature that will allow you to make progress in Pokemon GO, even when you aren’t actively playing the game.

Adventure Sync will automatically count your mileage, earn Candy, and hatch Eggs even when Pokemon GO isn’t active on your phone. The feature works in the background, so you’ll be progressing while you’re off living your life outside of the game. Many people were disappointed that you couldn’t hatch eggs and count your mileage when Pokemon GO wasn’t running or when your screen was off, so this is certainly a game changer.

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The feature will also report on your statistics in the game, presenting players with a handy weekly summary of all of their Pokemon GO activity over the past few days. You can check up on your progress via your Trainer Profile, which will display how many kilometers you’ve walked in a week. Players can also earn rewards for crossing specific milestones. There’s even an option to enable notifications when your Buddy finds an item or an Egg is hatching.

Adventure Sync is expected to launch sometime in the near future, so stay tuned.