If you've been mulling about the mobile scene for some time, odds are you've heard of the Kingdom Rush series. After what feels like a long time waiting its next in series, Kingdom Rush Vengeance, finally has a release date: November 22nd.

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If you're too excited about grabbing a copy, you can pre-register for the game on Google Play, or pre-order on the App Store for £4.99/$4.99.

In Vengeance, the mighty wizard Vez'nan is back and ready for blood. With an army at your back, it's up to you to fulfil his plans and bring the good fight to the Kingdom. Conquer new and familiar realms, take on hardy bosses, and kick serious butt overall.

There's plenty of new stuff to get to grips with. 16 new towers and 16 challenging stages, nine heroes, 35 enemies, over ten artefacts, 30 upgrades, three Kings to take out, and more. Oh, and most importantly - offline play.