Storm Boy: The Game is an adaptation of the 1964 novel by acclaimed Australian author Colin Thiele, and it's set for release November 20th for iOS, Android, and Switch.

Though this isn't the first time that the source material has been adapted, with there being two previous film adaptations, we've never had the chance to experience the Storm Boy's story in an interactive medium – until now.

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From what I can tell, Storm Boy is the Australian version of the "oh yeah, I read that in primary school" book - the one you remember liking, and that everyone had to read, but that you now couldn't hold a conversation about without talking in the broadest of terms.

The game looks darn pretty, with some very nice Wind Waker vibes in the sailing sections. That being said, the real draw here is being able to play as the pelican – a bird that I would put second only to the ostrich as the winged animal I'd least like to get chased by.

If you fancy checking this one out before its November 20th release, then you'll be needing some quick tickets to the land down under as there'll be a demo version playable at PAX Aus later this week.