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This week is going to be a really good one for iOS gamers, and one of the reasons for that is the release of Euclidean Skies. We're going to be covering the game a great deal over the next few days, because it's looking awesome.

But what is it? Well, it's the sequel to the excellent Euclidean Lands. Not heard of that one? In our review we called it "a bright and brave puzzling adventure that takes ideas from the best while still adding its own," and gave it a Gold Award. Click here and you'll be able to read the whole review.

Now you've done that you might have a better understanding of why we're so excited about Euclidean Skies. It builds on the awesome work of its predecessor, throwing in slick new ideas and a more expansive style and scope.

The game is set to land on the App Store on Thursday, and if you click this link you can get your pre-order in. It's worth it as well - pre-orders get the game for £2.99, wait until it comes out and you'll be paying £4.99.