CCP Games is bringing an authentic EVE Online experience to mobile next year with EVE: Echoes. The game, announced at this year’s EVE Vegas gathering, will be set in an alternate universe version of New Eden, EVE Online’s galaxy.

Unlike the previously announced EVE: War of Ascension, EVE: Echoes strives to be more of a traditional EVE Online experience, complete with your customary interstellar wars, trade, and exploration. You’ll be free to set your own destiny in a huge galaxy inhabited by other players. The game will be a social experience, much like EVE Online. Players can join or form corporations, build alliances, and capture rival territories in large scale wars.

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EVE Online creator CCP Games is partnering with NetEase to bring EVE: Echoes to life. The game will use NetEase’s NeoX graphics engine, while CCP will be tackling the gameplay design to bring the world of EVE to mobile

EVE: Echoes is expected to launch on iOS and Android sometime in 2019.