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Today's the day. In a few short hours, James Gilmour will be hosting the official launch stream for Terraforming Mars. Live at 5pm UK time, the Gilmour-meister will be terraforming the crap out of the red planet.

He won't be doing it along though, he's going to be joined by two members of the team who've been working on the digital edition of the game. Ashley and Sofi from Luckyhammers will be with James for the entire two hours of the stream.

Yeah, you read that right, we're going to be playing the game for two full hours. So clear your schedule from 5pm to 7pm UK time tonight, because you're not going to want to miss a single second.

This is the link that's going to take you to the page where everything is going to kick off. In the meantime why not watch some of the videos of our previous streams, each more wonderful than the next.