The latest trailer for Pokemon: Let’s Go! debuted today, showing off the various sights you’ll be able to encounter in the Kanto Region, all set to a poppy soundtrack.

This glimpse at the upcoming game shows all the ways trainers will be interacting with their Pokemon, showing players running about the colorful landscape with Flareon, Eevee, Mr. Mime, Staryu, and other classic Pokemon at their heels.

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It looks like a 3D version of Pokemon Red and Blue, which gives just the right hit of nostalgia, while also showcasing the more relaxed, sandbox vibe Pokemon: Let’s Go! seems to be adopting.

The infamous Team Rocket, as well as some familiar Gym Leaders make a cameo, but the real star of the show is Mewtwo, who makes a brief appearance at the end of the trailer above. It looks as though players will encounter the ultra powerful Legendary Pokemon in a dungeon, but the video cuts off before we get to see what an encounter with Mewtwo might look like.

Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokemon: Let’s Go, Eevee! launch on Nintendo Switch on November 16.

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