As I'm sure you know already, GRID Autosport is an excellent example of what can be achieved on mobile. However, Feral Interactive's newest video showed off the game running on the iPhone XS Max and, oo, it's looking buttery.

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GRID Autosport certainly tickled us right last year as we gave it a Gold Award in its review, saying: "Grid Autosport is the game that the App Store has been waiting for. It's full of petrol-fuelled fantasies, drips allure from all of its nooks and crannies, and is deep enough to lose yourself in for days on end."

Version 1.2.4 is slated to be releasing soon, until then the video above shows you what you've got to look forward to. This is a performance and graphics patch through and through, taking everything just one step higher in quality.

From the vid you can see a small, but noticeable, difference between the versions. Namely light-based details, including more pronounced shadows and better detail/reflection on the car's surfaces.

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