After hearing about a super-secret spooky game a few weeks ago, we finally found out what Oren Peli (Insidious/Paranormal Activity) and Imprezario Entertainment has up their sleeves. On October 13th you'll be able to get your hands on Night Terrors: Bloody Mary, and you'd better have a good grip on your phone.

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Featuring the unwanted daughter of King Henry VIII, a rather bloodier version of Mary Tudor, Night Terrors: Bloody Mary transforms your home into a horror movie... which is just what everyone wants, right? Oh go on, it's almost Halloween.

Truthfully I don't know exactly what the goal is here since there's no direct story or path to follow. The only clear thing if you've got to try to survive after summoning her in the usual fashion: say 'Bloody Mary' into your phone three times.

Considering I've never played the game in real life ever (or messed around with ouija boards or the like), the very idea makes me nervous. Then, of course, you have to amble about with all of the lights off with headphones in, which is a sure-fire way for me to swear profusely or break my phone. That's the fun though, eh?

Pre-order it on the App Store now for £1.99/$1.99.