If you’ve completed your Pokedex in Pokemon GO, you shouldn’t rest on your laurels just yet. Pokemon from the Sinnoh region are coming to Pokemon GO quite soon, introducing dozens of new Pokemon to the game.

The Sinnoh Region is the setting of Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl, which launched in 2006. We’ll likely be seeing the debut of Generation 4 starter Pokemon Piplup, Chimchar, and Turtwig, and potentially Legendary Pokemon like Palkia and Dialga.

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Pokemon GO will be seeing a few mechanical changes, too, based on player feedback. After the update, you may notice a better variety of Pokemon cycling through an area over time, and weather will have a lesser impact on the rate at which Pokemon appear.

Battles are also getting a hefty lift, improving combat’s overall balance. CP and HP values will both be adjusted. Defense and Stamina values will be tweaked a bit, ensuring Pokemon with high defensive stats will outlast their opponents in battle, rather than simply taking too long to defeat. Defense values in general have been lowered to even the playing field. All told, battles will feel more immediate and exciting.

There’s no word on when these changes are coming, but expect to see them soon.