Not only do we host Big Indie Pitches around the world, this year we also held our first ever Big Indie Fest in Vienna, where indie devs from all over Europe came by to show the adoring public what they were working on.

But we couldn't just have a regular old festival, now could we? So we threw in a Big Indie Pitch for everyone while we were there! Aren't we nice?

Winning this time around was turn-based drawing game Mish Mash, which impressed our judges with its strange gameplay and focus on creating surrealist paintings with friends.

Coming second and third were Hamsterdam and Golf Club: Wasteland, but there were plenty more games for our judges to play through, each one of them deserving of some time in the spotlight.

So here they are! All 19 games on show, with some images, videos, and comments to help you picture how it plays. Dig in!