If you've not yet played The Room on any of its available platforms you should really put it on your 'to do' list because, wow, what a game. Switch owners will be thrilled to learn that it's coming to Nintendo Switch on October 18th.

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The Room is an amazing physical puzzler which every self-respecting gamer should play at some point in their lives (unless you hate puzzles, of course). In it you follow a strange invitation up to the attic of an abandoned house.

Once there, you've got a cast iron safe, an obscure note to go on, and the promise of an ancient and marvellous find waiting inside. Each section of the puzzle you complete peels back like a layer to reveal more beneath it, and it makes you sincerely feel like a detective. It's brilliant.

According to the announcement post, the Switch version has been built from the ground up and uses both the Joy-Cons and touch screen, as I'd hoped. And yes, with its Joy-Con support comes motion controls when docked which makes me very excited indeed.