The last time we heard about Marvel Battle Lines was back in July and that was just after we got a little bit of footage. Details were still pretty thin on the ground, but guess what? It's launching worldwide on October 24th.

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Those of you headed to New York Comic Con can get your hands on it early if you visit the game's booth (#1736). If you complete the demo, you might be able to pick up an awesome MBL collectible pin if you're lucky.

If you've no idea what I'm talking about or why you should care, Marvel Battle Lines is an upcoming card game with a bit of a twist. Fights are set out on 3x4 boards and you'll collect and build your ultimate deck from all sorts of Marvel heroes and villains.

You'll need to pick the right characters and really think about what they bring to the table when taking on tougher enemies. There'll be plenty of time to practice though while taking on its multiple modes, including single-player with an original story and competitive, real-time PvP arena.

Expect it out on iOS and Android later this month. If you're feeling particularly eager, you can pre-register here to snatch up an exclusive Doctor Strange card and 5,000 in-game gold.