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Updated on October 4th at 10:50: You've probably heard by now that Civilization VI for the iPhone is going to set you back a whole £60 once its launch sale finishes. We decided to have a sit down and a think about what that mean for mobile gaming, and we've added those new thoughts to this feature.

There's a very good chance you read our piece about Monster Hunter Stories being too expensive on the App Store. If you didn't, you can click here and get it read right now. Once you've had a rant in the comments, come back here. We'll wait.

Okay, now that's over with, it's time to get some other opinions about the state of pay in mobile gaming.

We've got our team together to have a good ol' chinwag about what's what, what we think about it being what, and what what should be in a perfect world.

As ever, if you've got your own suggestions, feel free to stick them in the comments section. Please be civil though, after all, we're all only human.

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