Watch ASCENSION: CHRONICLE OF THE GODSLAYER | Livestream with creator Justin Gary from AsmodeeDigital on
This is your one hour warning. You've got 60 minutes to find your stream-watching hat and gloves, get settled in front of a monitor or a phone, and take a sip of your favourite stream-watching beverage. Because at 5pm UK time, James Gilmour will be live-streaming some new content from the Ascension beta.

Said beta is set in the Valley of the Ancients, and introduces a whole big squodge of new content to the game. Essentially if you want to know what's what in the game's upcoming changes, you're going to want to watch the stream.

This is our second Ascension stream, and to get you in the mood we've embedded that original stream at the top of the article. Looks pretty good, right? Now imagine that, but more happening tonight, and you'll have a good idea of what to expect in 59 minutes.

This is the link you're going to need to click to watch the stream in all of its glory. Or, if you like widgets, hang around on the front page of Pocket Gamer, where a widget will magically appear at the top once the stream kicks off.

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