We see a lot of games during the course of an average Pocket Gamer Connects developer event. Our most recent was in Helsinki. And one indie title we were able to play was an ambitious RPG from Polish crew SoDigital.

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BattleRise: Kingdom Of Champions offers a blend of RPG combat and strategy. It's a game about collecting champions and teaming them up against invaders. There are five modes: Challenges, Arena, Raids, Conquest, and Story Mode, which boasts three single-player campaigns. The level we played at Pocket Gamer Connects was a traditional turn-based battle, fast-paced, and with an intriguing story.

The SoDigital team are committed to the deep fantasty world of their game. When the Sealed Gate is broken, the ancient Abyssal Legion burst upon the land, sweeping the Elders aside. Now it's up to you, "a modest band of courageous Champions", to take on the horde. It's epic in scale and promises hours of experience as well as compelling characters. You'll be able to play as one of seven races including human Avalonians, the elf-like Verdant Offspring, and the undead Husks. Battles, apparently, have an impact as you go further along in the story.

BattleRise: Kingdom Of Champions will be in closed beta until the end of the year, with a soft launch for Android and iOS planned for the start of 2019. You can see more screens here.