Watch Splendor | Pre-PC Update Stream from AsmodeeDigital on
Look, it's fine, honestly. We know you had that thing you needed to do, it happens to the best of us. Sure we're sad that you couldn't join us for our live stream of Splendor yesterday evening, but you've still got a chance to catch up with the whole thing.

You'll no doubt be able to see the video we've embedded above. Click play on that and you can see all the jocularity, japes, scrapes, and catastrophic mistakes that James Gilmour made as he tried to build up his empire of precious stones.

If the stream has made you want your own pile of diamonds, we're currently running a competition where you can win a physical copy of Splendor. Click here to find out how you can enter.

Click this link right here and you can watch all of our recent streams in their entirety. There's hours of content there. Maybe enough to tide you over until our next stream.

What is our next stream? Well that's a surprise. You're going to have to keep an eye on TableTap if you want to find out.

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