Nintendo caused a bit of a stir when details around Switch Online’s cloud save service came to light. It was originally believed that players would permanently lose their data on the cloud should they cancel their Nintendo Switch Online subscription. That doesn’t seem to be the case any longer, according to updated language on the Nintendo Switch Online FAQ.

If you don’t renew your Nintendo Switch Online subscription, you simply won’t be able to access your cloud save data. However, this does not mean your data is permanently deleted straight away. The company provides a bit of a grace period—you have 180 days to re-subscribe and regain access to your data.

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Nintendo also noted that save data for the Nintendo Switch Online NES games is stored locally on your Nintendo Switch, so this data will not expire after 180 days. Instead, you can access it whenever you have an active Nintendo Switch Online membership.

So that’s a bit of a relief, at least. One can't really predict the future, so a grace period for these sorts of issues is a must.

Have you been using the Nintendo Switch Online service? What are you thoughts so far?