Well, despite Sony repeatedly saying "no, PS4 players can't play Fortnite with other people", the company has finally caved. Cross-platform play is coming.

It's starting in open beta form, but it won't be long before PS4 players can shoot at their friends on mobile, Switch, and all other consoles.

This is huge news, not only because it means that Fortnite players can now potentially recover their old Epic Games accounts on Switch which were previously inaccessible, but also because it sets a precedent for more games to follow.

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Sony has even said that it's looking into "what this means for other titles going forward", so Minecraft fans might soon be able to play the Better Together update with literally anybody. Rocket League players won't be restricted. Gosh, the possibilities!

It's great that Sony has finally seen the light, and it marks a huge step towards true cross-play functionality across all platforms. Yes, we may be a mobile site, but we're not stupid - we know folks have multiple consoles and friends with PS4s. Now you can play with them without having to buy their console. Golden.

You might start bumping into players on Fortnite right now if you go play it on Android, iOS, or Switch. We'll keep you posted with how this new policy develops in general.