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You're probably distraught right now. You're probably wondering what on earth you're going to do on a Tuesday evening when there isn't a TableTap stream to watch, right? Well we've got some good news for you - we're doing a stream tomorrow instead. And we're streaming Splendor.

Splendor is a game about buying and selling diamonds. It's pretty deep, it's pretty engrossing, and you're going to be able to watch James Gilmour playing it for an hour and a half from 5pm UK time tomorrow.

Need more Splendor info? Well when we reviewed it we called it "A good-looking and smooth playing adaptation of a cracking card game." Click here to read the rest of the review if that's piqued your interest.

In other Splendor news, right now we're giving away copies of the physical version of the game. Want to find out how to win? Well click this link right here to get all the details you need.

Just to recap then, tomorrow, 5pm UK time, James Gilmour plays Splendor live on Twitch. This is the link you're going to need to watch all of the fun, and if you click it right now you'll be able to catch up on the recorded versions of our other recent streams.

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