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What happens when you take the capitalistic tendencies of Monopoly to their logical conclusion? We reckon it's something like Stockpile, which has just landed on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Set at the end of the 20th century, it's a board game that sees you playing the stock market. Buy low, sell high, you know the sort of thing. But there are some other twists thrown in to make things more fun and less actually running a business.

It's a game of risk and reward, and considering carefully whether you should sell what you've got, or wait to see if you can cash it in for even more later in the game. There's three different levels of AI to take on, as well as asynchronous online and same-room multiplayer.

If that sounds like the sort of thing you'd like to play, you can click here to grab the game from the App Store. Or click here to pick it up from the Google Play Store.

And make sure you check back to TableTap, because we're going to have a review of the game up in the coming days as well.