At long last, the final Pokemon in the series to date, Zeraora, is headed westward. Folks who own a copy of Pokemon Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon will be able to catch the rare Pokemon via Mystery Gift next month.

Zeraora codes will be available from October 1 through November 15 from select retailers, although we’re not sure which shops will be participating just yet. GAME stores in the UK have regularly played host to these limited-run events, so they could be a likely candidate.

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Should you manage to get your hands on a code, you’ll receive a level 50 Zeraora that knows Plasma Fists, Thunder Punch, Thunder, and Close Combat. The Pokemon also comes holding an Air Balloon which renders it immune to Ground-based attacks, and Zeraora’s inherent ability is Volt Absorb.

It’s worth noting that Zeraora is the last Pokemon in the Pokedex, and thus the last Pokemon in this handheld era of the Pokemon series. The next main Pokemon game will launch on Nintendo Switch next year, and we can expect the new platform to bring a lot of changes to the series.

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