What if the Roman Empire never fell? What if they eventually expanded away from Earth, laying claim to the entire galaxy? Well, upcoming multiplayer space shooter - Vanguard: Fight For Rudiarius - looks set to sate our thirst for such Deadliest Warrior-style scenarios when it releases into beta later this year.

The game is being unveiled today at EGX Birmingham, where it is now playable. However, those not lucky enough to attend the event will have to wait a bit longer to get their hands on it.

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The free beta period will start over the coming months, where the developers hope to gain feedback and player insight.

Given that it's being touted as a competitive online title, that beta period will surely be an exciting and worthwhile experience for players to take part in.

And if you'd like to be even more involved, they're also looking for some dedicated players to effectively join the design team, where more in-depth conversations can be had that could help shape and improve the experience for all.

Excitingly, the high-octane game is also a cross-platform title; it'll be available on PC, mobile, and VR, so everyone can have a crack at being a flying ace.

We'll keep you posted when the beta comes out, and if we ever hear about a proper release date further down the line.