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Wouldn't it be nice just to kick back for an hour and a half and watch someone else playing one of the best digital board games of the past few weeks? Wouldn't it be nice if that someone was James Gilmour, and that game was Onitama?

We really hope you answered yes to all of those questions, because in less than an hour, Mr. Gilmour is taking to Twitch to play Asmodee Digital's Silver Award-winning game of kung fu, chess, and strategy.

The game's great, and if you click here you can read our complete review. We don't have a review of James on the site, but we're pretty sure if we did he'd be a Platinum Award winner. He's pretty good.

Anyway, if you click here you'll find the page where the action is going to kick off at 5pm UK time. It's also going to be live on the front page of this very website, so you could watch it there if you'd prefer.

You might not be able to squeeze a watch of a video of one of our other streams into the time between now and then, but you could squeeze some of it in and watch the rest once we're off air. It's basically a win-win situation.