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Well would you look at that, it's almost time for another of our amazing digital board game streams over on Twitch. Tonight, from 5pm UK time, James Gilmour will be throwing out some of his best kung fu moves in the really rather brilliant Onitama.

Not heard of the game before? Honestly where have you been the last couple of weeks? It's a really interesting mash-up of chess and a card game, and it's perfectly designed for the brief mobile moments you want to fill up with gaming.

We've reviewed it already, because we're at the top of our game, saying "Onitama takes the best bits of American-style board games and the best bits of European board games and blends them together with an Asian style to make something that's really entertaining," and giving the game a Silver Award.
If you'd like to read the review in its entirety, then a single click on this link will take you there.

This is the link you're going to want to click when the whole thing kicks off tonight. And since there's a good few hours between now and then, why not familiarise yourself the videos of all the other awesome streams we've done recently.