As announced in tonight's Direct, hardcore city-building title Cities: Skylines has surprise dropped on Switch.

Cities: Skylines made a name for itself on PC in the wake of the nightmare launch of the last SimCity game, and has gone from strength to strength since. It's even been on other consoles already but seeing it on Switch is particularly nice.

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For those not in the know, you'll be setting out residential and business zones, sorting out public transport, and generally just keeping an eye on things as your city grows and you need to look after it.

I've had my eye on this for a long, long time, but never had the time to really invest in a city-builder. But hey, now it's on Switch I'll definitely be giving it a chance. Because I'm the one reviewing it. Ha!

You can find out what we think about the Switch edition of Cities: Skylines very soon. If you're happy enough to go out and buy it, you can pick it up from the eShop right now for £34.99/$39.99.