Ooo even before Apple officially announced this special event there's been speculation on the new iPhones, a question into new Watches, and maybe even a new iPad Pro dotting around somewhere.

We've already had a good think on what to expect, including the iPhone XS and XS Max, the more 'affordable' X-level phone, and more. Given that we're a mobile gaming website we've got to hope that some sort of big game drops too, right?

The reality? Well, we'll just have to wait and see this evening when the keynote airs. Join us right here at 6 PM BST (in just a couple of hours) where we'll be live blogging the whole thing.

6:00 PM - As per usual, we're kicking off with an entry video.

6:04 PM - Tim Cook arrives on stage to walk us through the presentation. Jeez, Apple stores are bringing in over 500 million visitors per year.

Continuing on with the figures, Apple's just about to ship its 2 Billionth iOS device.

6:07 PM - Aaaaand it's the Apple Watch 4.

Not only the number one smart watch in the world, the Apple Watch is the number one watch full stop.

Here's comes Jeff to talk us through it.

6:09 PM - Fitness and health part ways and become two separate entities as of now. Looks like Apple's putting even more into its health.

As previously predicted the edge bezels are gone, making the screen 30% larger, but the case side is slightly thinner. The UI has also been re-designed.

As well as customising your home face, you've also got a Fire, Water, and Vapour face to choose from. It's rather mesmeric.

It'll be picking up better signal and it's a lot louder than before.

6:23 PM - There's a HUGE focus on heart health as Series 4 comes with a build-in ECG. Dr Ivor Benjamin, President of the American Heart Association comes, to the stage.

It's got FDA approval, all day battery life AND six hour work out battery. Phew. I'll had to keep my daily workouts at six hours, I guess.

6:32 PM - Apple Watch 4 comes in three finishes and all bands/band styles will fit all watches.

Orders open this Friday, available on September 21st, starting from $399 or $499 for cellular.

6:35 PM - Er, the new advert is all about the hokey pokey.

6:36 PM - Tim Cook's back to talk about iPhones

The iPhone X became the number one selling smartphone in the world with 98% customer satisfaction.

iPhone X goes to the next level with iPhone XS. Phil's coming up to talk about it.

Made of a surgical-grade stainless steel with a gold finish, it's certainly pretty. Available in gold, silver, and space grey, and it's still waterproof (phew).

Super retina OLED display 5.8 inches.

6:41 PM - The iPhone XS comes in a 6.5 retina OLED display as well, the biggest on an iPhone yet. This is confirmed as iPhone XS Max.

Okay, one mention on mobile gaming, but mainly about the screen and the sound. I mean, yeah, Alto's Odyssey is a good example so I can't complain.

6:45 PM - Confirmed, the new chip is an A12 Bionic, 7 nanometre chip. The smartest and most powerful in any smartphone.

512 GB available.

6:49 PM - Apps will launch up to 30% faster thanks to the A12 chip. This next generation unlocks real-time machine learning, giving the camera (and animojis) another boost.

6:52 PM - On to AR and there's a new app on the way. Who hasn't wanted to turn their kitchen into a giant aquarium, right?

More info on ARKit 2.

6:56 PM - Here's a bit about Elder Scrolls: Blades.

We saw a chunk of gameplay at E3 but, dang, it's a pretty looking game.

Ugh, still no definitive date, but it's still set for a 'Fall' release.

7:00 PM - I admit, this is a nice use of AR tech, but I'm not sure what to think about Homecourt. If you're a training basketball player it's great, but for everyone else it's a bit pointless.

7:02 PM - Directive Games up next with an AR app which builds its own arcade game. You can play with friends to see who'll come out on top.

They're showing off Galaga AR which is pretty dope.

Coming later in 2018.

Rather disappointed about the line-up this year for mobile gaming.

7:05 PM - On to my favourite bit, the camera.

Impressive that an iPhone shot made it to the cover of Time Magazine though.

I mean, these photos are striking, but shooting photos with an iPhone XS and insinuating it's not an expensive camera isn't quite right.

Saying that changing depth of field after photos have been taken is pretty neat. The video and video sound has also gotten an upgrade. Ooch, that's a pretty video.

7:16 PM - iPhone XS gets a half hour extra battery per day, while Max gets you 1 1/2 hours longer battery life per day.

It'll also be getting duel-sim support. Not something I've ever thought about, but someone'll find it interesting I'm sure.

7:20 PM - Summing up the bits and bobs about the new iPhones.

Here comes Lisa. She's just reminding up that Apple runs on 100% renewable energy, a fantastic feat to be honest.

A much bigger focus on recycling this year. That's always promising.

7:25 PM - Aha, the rumoured third iPhone, an 'affordable' version.

Interesting, the iPhone XR is made from aluminium and comes in white, black, blue, coral, yellow, and Project Red.

Boasting a liquid retina display, it's 6.1 inches and 1.4 million pixels. Bigger display that the iPhone 8 Plus in a smaller design. Supports tap to wake, scrolls fast, colour accuracy with a wide colour display, LCD display, no home button.

It's not got 3D touch, but it's got 'Haptic Touch', true-depth camera system, and face ID.

Like its brothers, it also has an A12 chip. Get up to an hour and a half more battery per day than the iPhone 8 Plus.

7:39 PM - So, the XS and XS Max come in at $999 and $1099, while the XR will be starting from $749.

7:41 PM - Tim returns to the stage for some last updates for Apple's various other products.

Mac OS is getting its long-awaited dark mode (thank god) later this month.

Tim wraps it up by thanking everyone watching and the folks at Apple. Good lad.