At Gamescom back in August, we learnt about MADFINGER Games' newest mobile game, Shadowgun War Games. Not only did it debut for the first time, there was also a tournament which showed off the game's capabilities in eSports-style competition.

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ESports isn't a new territory in mobile gaming, but it is a growing one. Games like Shadowverse, Clash Royale, and Vainglory are a few titles which spring to mind, and Shadowgun War Games has been specifically designed with eSports in mind.

In a press release earlier today, it was reported that the first ever 5-v-5 Capture the Flag tournament was a huge success. Of course, the ASUS ROG seems like an incredibly impressive bit of kit when it comes to mobile gaming.

ROG Phone Senior Product Director Brian Tang says, "It offers an unrivalled gaming experience, with 90FPS and revolutionary AirTrigger technology to give the player precise control of their every move. First-person shooters like Shadowgun War Games really shows off the best of its features."

It'll be interesting to see what happens when the ROG launches worldwide, especially as interest in mobile eSports starts to grow.

"We've had an integral role in the development of eSports from the very beginning," said Ralf Reichert, founder of ESL. "Now we are seeing serious competitive titles on mobile platforms. This gives us a huge opportunity to further develop eSports for everyone who has a smartphone."

Shadowgun War Games is due out in early 2019.

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