Maylgos Druid was one of the most heavily trailed theory-craft decks prior to the Boomsday expansion. As is often the case with theory-craft, it's not proved quite as powerful in practice. But it's still damn good.

The concept is very simple. Defend while you collect combo pieces for massive bonus spell damage. Then, when you've got them, unleash the pain, hopefully for a one-turn kill.

Card Choice
  • 2 x Moonfire
  • 2 x Lesser Jasper Spellstone
  • 2 x Naturalize
  • 2 x Wild Growth
  • 2 x Ferocious Howl
  • 2 x Branching Paths
  • 1 x Flobbidinous Floop
  • 2 x Swipe
  • 1 x Twig of the World Tree
  • 2 x Nourish
  • 2 x Spreading Plague
  • 1 x Malfurion the Pestilent
  • 2 x Ultimate Infestation
  • 2 x Arcane Tyrant
  • 2 x Giggling Inventor
  • 1 x The Lich King
  • 1 x Alexstrasza
  • 1 x Malygos

Not a cheap deck, and most of the pieces are not optional. Of the legendaries in the deck, The Lich King and Alexstrasza are the least important. You could also run it without the Epic cards if you really have to.

The deck is all about defence and direct damage, so that's where you'll be going. If you need to replace four cards, the classic combo of Ironwood Golem and Oaken Summons is worthwhile. Otherwise, Druid of the Swarm is an option for an early body on the board. And Starfire can make a brutal finisher with all the bonus damage heaped on top.

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