In Final Frontier: A New Journey, travel to the year 3018, where humans have taken to outer-space to survive after the earth has been depleted of its natural resources. In this sci-fi narrative card adventure, it’s up to you to ensure that the human race continues to thrive.

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Throughout the game, you’ll be making some truly difficult decisions that will impact your crew, the native citizens of the planet you’re colonizing, your ship’s mechanics, and the satisfaction of the human elites back on Earth. You’ll need to strike a delicate balance to ensure that your journey is a successful one.

Final Frontier: A New Journey presents its story and critical choices in illustrated cards. You’ll swipe left or right to make your decisions, while monitoring the different elements at the top of your screen to ensure that everything is in balance. Should you fail to keep everyone satisfied, you could die a grisly death alone in outer space.

Final Frontier: A New Journey is now available on Google Play and the App Store. It's a premium, ad-free experience so you can enjoy the drama as it unfolds, with no interruptions.