Nanoo have just announced that it's working on a new competitive multiplayer shooter called The game's being released in October for both iOS and Android, and we have a swish trailer that gives us an idea of what it'll be like.

Subscribe to Pocket Gamer is set in a blocky map resembling a modern-day city street. You fight against other players in real time using guns, swords, and other weapons at your disposal. You win by taking down your opponents and having the most points at the end of the game.

The game has some of our favourite progression hooks, like unlocking different characters that all have their own unique abilities that can be levelled up, and unlocking loads of weapons to play around with.

But what sets this game apart from others similar shooters seems to be an emphasis on movement and traversal. The trailer shows off a speedy ninja, as well as a character that has a jetpack flying through the air.

The game looks like a chill easy way to get some multiplayer gaming in your day, but we'll find out for sure when it's released. is launching in October for free on the App Store and Google Play.