We bloody love cats at Pocket Gamer, so the news that Mineko's Night Market is coming to Switch has us very, very excited indeed.

You play Mineko, a young girl who is tasked with raising and looking after a load of cats on a Japanese-inspired island. And when we say a load of cats, we mean A LOAD of cats. Cats for days, mate.

Alongside petting cats and frolicking about, you'll also need to keep your own stall at the titular Night Market running by gathering resources, creating items for sale, and haggling with customers to get a good price.

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I personally have had my eye on this for a while now, and hoo boy, am I glad it's not skipping Switch. Cats! Everywhere! It's an actual dream come true.

Mineko's Night Market is hitting the Switch in early 2019. We wish we had a better timeframe to announce, but you know what cats are like. Lazy buggers.