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Are you feeling unwell? Running a temperature perhaps? Well don't you worry, because we've got the cure. And the cure is Gilmour. And Twitch. And digital board game adaptation Pandemic. Should have left it on the rhyme, really.

Tonight from 5pm UK time, James Gilmour is going to be streaming some gameplay from Pandemic live on Twitch. It's a game all about trying to stop the spread of infectious diseases, so there's a good chance he's going to accidentally wipe out the human race.

We're going to have codes for Kings and Assassins and Isle of Skye to give away as well. The competition is free to enter, and James is going to be dropping the codes into the stream chat at random.

Don't worry though, he'll give you plenty of warning to let you get your copy-and-pasting stance on. The codes are first-come, first served, and there are four to give away in total.

This is the link that will take you to our Twitch page, and while you've still got a few hours before things kick off, you could use that time to catch up on the videos of all the other breathtakingly good streams we've been doing recently.

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