Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is headed to Switch later this summer, but you can try it out a bit early. Tomorrow, in fact. Capcom is granting eager fans a free demo that will give us a glimpse of how Monster Hunter will play on the go.

The demo will be available on the eShop tomorrow and will highlight six hunting styles and new Prowler abilities. Apart from that though, details are a bit sparse.

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Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is the first Monster Hunter entry for Nintendo Switch. It’s a follow up to Monster Hunter Generations for the 3DS with a few new bells and whistles. The game will now feature local and online multiplayer. You’ll even be able to transfer save data from Monster Hunter Generations to the Switch version of the game.

It should be good Monster Hunter fun with all of the usual trappings—hunt down vicious beasts and take them down with a variety of different weapons before taking said monsters' skins to craft new, better weapons and fashionable armor.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate arrives on August 28.