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It's alright, we understand. If you missed our Kings and Assassins live stream last night you're probably incredibly worried right now. After all, it's all people around the watercooler are going to be talking about today at work.

Which is why we've given you this second chance to catch up on all the action. At the top of the article, you can probably see an embedded video. That's the stream in its entirety, so you don't have to miss a single second.

And if you like what you see there, you can click this link to check out all of the other streams we've done recently. In all honesty, we think you'll find each and every second brings you a large dollop of utter joy. Probably.

But in all this re-watch excitement, don't forget that we stream every week on Tuesday, live at 5pm UK time.
We've got a couple of big games coming up in the next couple of weeks and you're not going to want to miss one moment of them.

We'll almost certainly have more stuff to give away as well. So bookmark this link, subscribe to the channel, do whatever it is people do nowadays to keep informed, and we'll see you back here next week.

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