It feels like a Nintendo Switch-heavy news day, but there's a lot to talk about. Like the fact that 2Awesome Studio will be bringing The Bug Butcher to Switch later this summer - that's pretty good news, eh?

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The Bug Butcher is a 2D side-scrolling beat 'em up where you play as a tenacious exterminator called Harry. It's your job to run about, protect the scientists who hired you, and shoot bug-like aliens like your life depends on it... which it does. These guys'll chew your face off.

In its review we loved it, giving it a solid Gold Award and saying: "This isn't just an enjoyable experience, it's a smart one. Sure there's blasting and explosions, but they're considered and well balanced."

Not only will The Bug Butcher make a great addition to anyone's Switch library, this will be the first title published by 2Awesome Studio and there are more games on the way. We don't have any information on them yet, but we'll update you when we catch wind of it.

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