Tomorrow at 5pm UK time, James Gilmour is going to try and kill a king. Well, he might try and protect a king. In fact, I bet he's going to do both over the course of our 90 minute Kings and Assassins stream.

But what's Kings and Assassins? Well, it's an asymmetrical game of cat and mouse. One player needs to get the king safely to the castle, the other has to stop that from happening. Cue subterfuge, bluffs, and sneaky assassins leaping down from roofs to stab HRH in the back.

Need more information on the game? Well you can click right here to read our review. Long story short though, it's really good and it got a Silver Award. But that's not the only good thing happening on the stream.

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James has got five codes for the Steam version of Kings and Assassins to give away. They're worth seven Euros each, and to win them you need to watch the stream carefully, because Mr. Gilmour is going to be dropping them into the chat at random.

The first person to redeem the code gets it, and that's it. No entry fees or anything like that. But if you want to be in with a chance you're going to have to make sure to watch the stream, and maybe train up your typing fingers so you can grab the code double quick when it appears.

To do that you're going to need the link to our Twitch page. You'll find that by clicking right here. Before the stream kicks off tomorrow, why not check out all of the other archived streams on the page. They're pretty damn good y'know.

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