Just over a year since it was first released, Realpolitiks is now ready to launch its first piece of DLC, New Power. The DLC's trailer introduces a number of new mechanics and makes some subtle references to the world's current political climate.

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Three particular mechanics the DLC lets you play around with are, "Non-aggression pacts" that helps you improve relations with other countries, "Political annexation" that allows you to peacefully enlarge your territory, and "Non-Governmental Organizations" that attempt to influence your policies and possibility creates larger territorial units.

The expansion also introduces a new scenario to contend with, "Korean crisis", which has you deal with a nuclear threat from North Korea. You have to use the tools at your disposal to suppress this potentially devastating situation.


In celebration of the DLC's launch, the base game is currently on sale on both iOS and Android. Apple users can get it for £1.99/$1.99 down from it's usual £5.99/$5.99, and Android users can play it for £1.79/$1.79 instead of £5.99/$5.99.

The New Power DLC is available right now as an IAP for £2.99/$2.99 on iOS and Android.