Anamorph came out at the beginning of the month and it's already released a big new update that changes some of the issues it had at launch.

In our review we noted that the controls can get quite frustrating at times - the update aims to fix this by now using one finger to rotate the puzzle around and two fingers to turn the puzzle in place.

Not only that, but two whole new modes have also been introduced to the game. It now has an easy mode if you're finding the game a bit too difficult, and a hard mode if you think it's not difficult enough.

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Anamorph is a chill puzzle game which has you turn around a bunch of dots until it makes an image. And although we weren't crazy about it at launch, these changes are a welcome addition and will hopefully make navigating the puzzles much less frustrating.

If you're interested in playing Anamorph then you can grab it from the App Store for £1.99/$1.99.