There is nothing more satisfying in a game then actually seeing that you're getting better at playing it. When you start Skater – Let's Skate, you won't be great at it - awful even - but as you play more you see your skills improving and eventually get good, making for a very satisfying gameplay experience.

Skater is an endless runner when you skate along a bumpy terrain, doing flips and building up as many points as possible before you inevitably come cashing off your board. The controls are simple - you hold the screen to skate forward and perform backflips in the air, and you let go to slow down. But just because it's simple doesn't mean it's not fun and challenging.

Skater - Let's Skate

When you skate up and down hills you can really feel the momentum and speed behind the board. But you also have to be a good judge on whether or not you're going to make that landing. It keeps you in the action at all times and because of this you stick with it, keep playing and see that you are getting better.

If you're not into endless runners then there still might be something here for you. There are 51 levels to play based on real cities around the world. The tracks are cleverly inspired by landmarks and the architecture of the city - in Berlin you skate horizontally up the TV tower and in Washington you fly over Capitol Hill.

Skater - Let's Skate

Incidentally, the backgrounds to the levels are all very beautiful. You see the silhouetted cityscape and recognisable buildings along with pretty soft colours that give the level a dream-like feel to it.

These levels can often be pretty tough to get through but not annoyingly so. It's the sort of challenge that makes you go "YES!" when you've finally beaten it, it's satisfying and joyful rather than making you frustrated.

Skater Let's Skate

However, every three times you crash and have to start the level over, you're met with an ad. This isn't entirely surprising, but since you'll probably be failing repeatedly and in quick succession, you're going to face a lot of these popping up as you play.

Skater – Let's Skate is a good time sink, which rewards you with the satisfaction of improving at the game. It might not be the best of its genre, but it's still a fun, pleasant experience to pick and play during some downtime.