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It feels like hardly a week goes by without Asmodee Digital releasing another digital adaptation of a classic board game. And this week is no different, because it's released Kings and Assassins, an asymmetrical board game of survival or slaughter.

The game sees you playing either as the titular members of royalty, or the mob that's trying to stop them from getting into their castle. Inside that mob there are three assassins, and they want to make sure the king's reign comes to a premature, if probably deserved, end.

As the king you've got your royal guard at your disposal to try and protect your advance. What follows is a game of deception, subterfuge, and risk and reward, as each side tries to make sure they get the outcome they want.

Sounds pretty awesome, I think you'll agree. What's even more awesome is that next Tuesday at 5pm UK time, we're going to be streaming some Kings and Assassins gameplay over on Twitch for your viewing pleasure. Click this link here to book your seat and check out all of our other excellent Twitch games.

And if you want to get some time with the game before then, click here to grab it from the App Store, or click here to pick it up from the Google Play Store.

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