Some of RAC7's games are on sale right now on the App Store and Google Play. Namely, the cute puzzler Splitter Critters is going for 79p/99c down from its usual £2.99/$2.99 on iOS and 59p/99c instead of £2.49/$2.99 on Android.

And the clever horror game Dark Echo is currently 49p/99c down from £1.99/$1.99 on iOS and 59p/99c down from £1.49/$1.99 on Android.

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These games are totally worth checking out since they're on sale. Splitter Critters challenges you to get all of the adorable Critters into their spaceship by cutting up the level and moving it about to make a safe path for them.

While Dark Echo has you stumble through the dark and visualises sound to help you wander the dangerous environment. Both games are really interesting and doing unique things in their genres.

We enjoyed Splitter Critters so much we gave it a Silver Award and it also received Apple's design award in 2017. Although we didn't enjoy Dark Echo as much, it's still a different experience that we don't often see on mobile that you might like yourself.

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